Back to the Grind and Embracing Time.

Hello Friends! I have safely arrived back in Minnesota, enjoyed a day off of work, and worked a full day!

I hate to disappoint, but this post is going to be void of pictures. I’m just not in the mood. However, I must say that lately I’ve gotten a lot more traffic to my little blog, so thank you new readers! And I hope you stick around! I promise there are fun things to come! (otherwise, what’s the point?)

In case you hadn’t realized I turned 24 on Monday. When a close friend of mine celebrated this particular number in the fall I was very glad it was her to do it first. And another friend of mine has a birthday the week before me. She and I were talking recently and discussed how 23 sounds so much younger than 24. At 23 you’re close enough to college that people don’t expect you to be too responsible. And if you’re a little unorganized you can get away with it because you’re just starting to live on your own and really spread your wings.

However, at 24, stuff is getting real. You’re a nice round number that is mid-twenties. I personally have been out of college for 1 year and 11 months (yes I’m counting, anything to stay younger) . And with that time and space from the safety net of college, I’m realizing that things that get messed up, are my fault. There is no longer an automatic safety net.

And while that may be depressing (it feels so much easier to be able to blame someone, or cut yourself slack due to lack of experience or knowledge). It is also liberating. While I love my parents and care what they think, I have the freedom to do as I chose. I pay my own rent and other bills, and therefore get the freedom to decide how I spend my extra money.

I wouldn’t say I was dreading turning 24, or any other future age. However it did get me wondering, at what age are you truly an adult? Is it now with a full time job, rent, and bills? Or when I have a mortgage? Or when I’m married? Or have children? I don’t have the answer, so until then I will just embrace the time I have.

What do you think?



  1. 24 is the worst. I’m not fully an adult (still living at home under my parents’ roof while I finish my teaching certification) but I’m definitely not a child. I went to the grocery store today and bought a huge bottle of Bombay gin for my mother. When the child clerk looked at my ID, he asked if I’d just turned 21. “Nope, 3 years ago,” said I. Then I added,” I don’t think many 21 year olds buy a $50 bottle of gin, do you?” I don’t think he did.

    Nevertheless, I think you’re an “adult” when you strike out on your own, with your own rent, and your own salaried job. I can’t wait (lies!) to almost be an adult.

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