Airport Already

Somehow I’m already on my way to the airport. Its hard to believe my time in Oklahoma went so soon.

Friday night I was able to experience Eskimo Joe‘s, Saturday was the bike tour of Stillwater and Oklahoma State University. And yesterday (Sunday) was the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon and 5k.

My college roommate, her boyfriend, and I ran the 5k together. My left ankle (which I rolled this spring) felt tight during the run which made me nervous. After we finished we walked the course backwards to meet up with my roommates parents.

As we finished the course with them it was so amazing to see the 5 of us with various athletic abilities have a unifying event which we could participate in together. After the race we toured the memorial and the rain that felt only added to the somberness of the event.

And as with most races we went out for a big breakfast to celebrate. I decided to go big or go home and got bacon cheddar pancakes! They were savory and delicious (although quite salty). Once we returned to Stillwater it was time for a nice long nap, followed by a belated and an early birthday dinner.

Today was our final day and I was finally able to shop at The Wooden Nickle! I have been hearing about this shop since college and was excited to finally make a purchase!

Now we’re enjoying our final moments in Oklahoma, then it will be time for me to drive up north and spend one more day off of work. (On a business note: I highly recommend taking an extra day off when you’re arriving home late). Tomorrow I’ll be getting in my 8 mile long run and then on Saturday I’ll get 9 before I start celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

(This was written from my blackberry so please excuse the lack of links or tags)

*Updated on May 1 to link and tag.


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