Revolution while Biking

As someone from a small town, who went to a college in a small town, and now works in small towns, its easy to forget how many options there are in life.

The morning was spent relaxing and enjoying a leisurely breakfast. And then the bike tour began.

While touring a town with a large University with graduate programs I began to realize that while I and my close friends have opted to get our undergraduate degrees and enter into the working world, there are many different options out there.

This long weekend isn’t about lounging as I typically envision a vacation, however it is wonderful to take in the sights of another town and think about the different options there are in life.

(Insert picture of me on the bike, I wish I knew how!)

Do you ever think about the path you could’ve taken, or one that you didn’t know existed?

Edited 5.2.2012 to tag and add categories.

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