Oklahoma Adventures Day 1

Today I started traveling at 6:30 am. Now at 11:00 pm I can safely say “Oklahoma is great!” The plane ride was uneventful. However, if you plan on bringing a hostess gift, I don’t recommend a candle if you are carrying on your luggage. I had to go through the bag search and the surprise was ruined.

We successfully made it through packet pick up for the Oklahoma Memorial 5k which we are participating in on Sunday morning.

Then things got interesting. You can check my twitter feed for as it happened action. http://www.twitter.com/katie_LF

Basically, we got to sit and chat for longer than we had planned. I chose to focus on the positives. The weather was good, initially it was hot but as the evening came it became more comfortable. With the abundance of technology I felt totally safe. A sweet old man stopped and gave us some cokes. (And then I realized we were in the south). And by the end of the night, we finally sat down to dinner and the beer tasted amazing!

Tomorrow we will tour around and then take prom pictures!

Until then, I hope you enjoy your weekend!

P.S. This post is from my blackberry, so please forgive the lack of pictures or tags.


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