I made it, I ate it: P.F. Chang’s Grilled Chicken Teriyaki with Lo Mein Noodles

After a leaving my house at 6:30 Tuesday morning, and not arriving home until 6:30 Wednesday night I was in no mood to cook tonight. However, there were 2 peppers sitting on my counter mocking me, and about to mold. There was also a container of mushrooms that probably won’t survive the long weekend away. With that in mind I decided to empty the freezer a little and finally use the P.F. Chang’s Grilled Chicken Teriyaki with Lo Mein Noodles frozen dinner.

(forgive me I did not take pictures of each step)

I started by chopping up an orange and yellow pepper (the pasta includes red pepper and pineapple as well as chicken). I then sliced the container of baby bella mushrooms and added them to the pan.

Next was the most satisfying and humiliating part of making a frozen dinner. Rip and dump the contents of the package into the skillet. (tough stuff my friends)

The directions said to put the top on and let it simmer, however it seemed way to watery. So I left the top off and stirred while having a phone date. At first I was worried that the mushrooms should have been in the pan to sweat before I added the stirfry. However after enough time and the liquid cooking off they tasted perfect!

 The final product tasted amazing! The precooked chicken wasn’t my favorite, but the additional veggies really made the dish! I hope to eventually make my own version of the dish, but in a time crunch. P.F. Chang’s will do!

Do you ever rip and dump to make dinner? What are your favorite short on time recipes?


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