Not a Cupcake

First a quick training update, I’m going to do my best to have long runs be on Saturdays. I was tired today!! The training plan called for “strength and stretch” tonight so I did the level 1 workout of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. My back is feeling it now, and my legs/abs/arms felt it during. I think it was a good choice!

My birthday is next week, and therefore I have birthday treats on the brain! I was feeling overwhelmed today (and still am). So when I went to the grocery store this evening I was contemplating getting a cupcake in hopes of stretching out my birthday for as long as possible. However, I had birthday cake with my parents this past Friday, and I have another celebration while in Oklahoma. So while I totally think that its good to let loose and celebrate, its another thing to let loose for two weeks. I couldn’t have my cart be without any treats. So I picked two.

I’ve stared these down a few times while in the grocery store and gas station, and tonight I finally picked two up! I had heard reviews that the plain coconut water isn’t sweet, so tonight I chose “with Peach and Mango” and I also picked up “with Pineapple.” The first sips take some getting used to, but I do enjoy it! Its nice to mix it up, however, at $2.50 a bottle, I’m doubting it will be come a regular drink for me.

Secondly, I didn’t feel like cooking. So I stopped at my favorite part of this particular grocery store. 

Sushi!! The one on the right is a spicy roll with tuna and brown rice. And then the other is a tempura roll. I’ve never tried either of these before, but I am very excited to chow them down!

Do you have any favorite treats at the grocery store?


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