Fitgers 5k 2012

Happy Sunday! Have you accomplished everything you hoped with your weekend so far? No worries, I haven’t either! I’ve got a messy shoe closet and lots of dirty dishes that need to be taken care of. However, there’s still a full day ahead of me!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of running the Fitgers 5k with my mom. The morning started off cold, and we were worried about rain, but by the time we picked up our packets we decided that another base layer would be better than our rain jackets.

*This photo was taken at 7:45 am. We were optimistic that there was no need to worry about rain. However the cold was still a concern, so we waited inside the Fitgers complex until the race started. at 8:50 we went outside thinking we’d have a short 10 minute wait until the race started. But for a reason we never heard, the race was late starting and the gun went off about 9:15. And by that time it had started snowing!

While waiting we decided that since headphones weren’t allowed (and I love my ipod) we would run the race together. Our goal was to finish in 40 minutes, although we knew it could take 45 or more depending on how much walking we needed. Everything started out strong although we did notice that we were going down hill on Superior street, and mainly downhill when crossing over to Canal Park.

After the first mile we took our first walking break and I started envisioning what this area will look like in June when I finish the Barry Bjorklund Half Marathon. After completing a portion of the Grandma’s 5k course we were back on the bridge that goes over 35W. We ran up the bridge with everything we had, and then took a half block walking break. Which took us back to Superior Street, and from there we could see the finish line, which propelled us forward. And then we were crossing the finish line holding hands. It was a great moment. Much better than last year when we finished separately.

I only had my phone, so my mom took one quick picture of me before we headed back to the hotel to find my dad and brother. The rest of my Saturday was spent cuddling on the couch watching the snow (which should have came in January not April). But I’m looking forward to going to Oklahoma next weekend for a much warmer 5k!


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