Beginning Training and Having Fun!

Training is officially underway!

As you can see, the driveway is slick, today I completed a 5 mile run in 1 hour, 4 minutes, while dealing with rain! Considering last year there was rain the morning of Grandma’s, I was actually excited to get a training run with different weather. Under my raincoat I had a thin long sleeve shirt, which was quite damp by the time I was done. If I had a longer run planned I probably would have had to take it off and finish in my sports bra. Which isn’t exactly something I want to do, but had it warmed up, it would have been necessary.

Last night I was able to have friends over to my parents house for a bonfire. The view was awesome!

I’m still learning how to use my camera…

 The sky was much darker, but the reflection on the lake was there.

And prior to the party I stopped to pick up some refreshments and picked up the new Pineapple Smirnoff Ice.


They were pretty sweet, but I really liked them! It was great to relax with friends and get together before the craziness of summer hits. It was a little strange to ask permission to have a party at my parents house now that I don’t live there anymore…but it all worked out!

Tonight there’s a birthday party for my Grandpa, and then tomorrow we will have a low key easter. I hope you have a happy easter!



  1. You’re a brave woman! Rain for me = sleeping in 🙂 I have yet to run in the rain on purpose. Have been dumped on a few times mid-way though – LOL. Are you considering Grandma’s for next year perhaps? My dad used to run it every year … Loved that race!

    1. I’ll be doing the half this year, and I would really love to do the full next year! I’m about to write a new post, but I’ll let you know first, it snowed on my run tonight! Mother nature must love me!

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