I Won The Lottery!!

The Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon Lottery to be exact. Which means I am on track to complete my Dirty Dozen 2012!

Now here’s where looking forward comes to play, I need a training plan! I have decided to base my training off of Hal Hidon’s Novice 1 Half Marathon Plan. And have already added it to my workout calendar. While many people use an excel spreadsheet, I personally react well to calendars. So I started with June 16, and plugged the training options into my calendar and rearranged based off a few things I already of scheduled.

Those pre-scheduled events include 2 5ks! The last time I did a 5k was here

Where I completed 2! 5k trail runs in 1 day!

And here is a picture after I had finished the 2nd 5k of the day!

Which was also 5k #6 of 6 for 2011!

During my training I will be traveling to Oklahoma with a few friends to complete the Oklahoma City Memorial 5k and I will also continue the tradition of celebrating my birthday while running a 5k with my mother! Due to the travel plans for Oklahoma, my mother and I will do our 5k in Duluth the week before my birthday.

Hopefully all goes well and I can stick to my plan, but I also have another half marathon that I have my eye on…..The Women’s Half Marathon in Bloomington, MN in August!

Did anyone else get into the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon and want to do a training run together? Or do you think I’m crazy for scheduling 2 5ks during my half training?


  1. A 5k is a great way to get ready for a half! Just remember they are training runs and have fun with them! By the way, WHM puts on a great event. You should definitely do it.

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