DIY: Candle/Centerpiece

Did your weekend pass you buy without some craft time?

Here’s an easy one you could still complete tonight!

I accomplished this while visiting my dear friend Mara on Saturday morning. You can find the original inspiration here. I did not take pictures of every step, but I will say it was super easy! Especially for someone who is not a talented crafter.

With the original post in mind, here is what we did.

1. Find your preferred lace. I chose a lace with similar edges on both sides while Mara chose a lace that had a straight edge on one side, and a scalloped edge on the other. (beware the lace that has elastic on one edge only, that won’t lay well on a container.)

2. Find your preferred container. We chose to use scented candles with a colored glass. I chose a warm yellow to get ready for the spring days I hope are coming soon!

3. Measure your lace and cut as desired. As you can see in the above picture, there is sticky glue involved, the last thing you want is sticky fingers, a scissors and lace in all the wrong places. I chose to cut 4″ strips and placed them 1″ apart.

4. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge Matte Finish where you want to apply lace. I was afraid my candle was going to turn out looking like a candy cane, but I was happy with the final product. Whereas, Mara chose to use her straight edges for the top and bottom of the candle, so the scalloped edges were in the middle and created a great horizontal design.

5. While the original directions said to let the Mod Podge dry before putting an additional layer over, I was running short on time, and put the top layer on right away.

I was not disappointed by the results!

Cost: Personally, the lace cost $2.50 per yard (which is how much I purchased) and the candle was $7.99. Mara already had the Mod Podge and foam brushes. This could be made cheaper if you found a nice container at the dollar store.

Use: Depending on the theme of your wedding I could see this style be easily incorporated into a centerpiece! Otherwise, my candle will continue to chill in my living room.

Happy Crafting! Let me know if you’ve tried this before, or if you have similar success!


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