I made it, I ate it: Mushrooms

As I continue to work on my Dirty Dozen, I know I need to continue to cook. Here’s what I’ve been working on so far.

Hungry Girl’s Onion Rings: these were easier than I expected! I crushed the cereal in my Sunbeam Blender, which didn’t get all the cereal crushed, but it worked well enough. I will say that Hungry Girl has created more flavor styles of the onion rings, so when I make these next time, I will probably incorporate some more seasonings to the breading. I would also recommend that while breading, do the biggest rings first, just in case you start to run out of breading or egg wash. I had a few at the end that did not look good.You may be thinking….Where are the mushrooms? Isn’t that what you titled the post? Well, here’s another recipe quick, then we’ll get to those mushrooms.

Rice bowl with spinach, mushrooms, blue cheese and soy sauce. This is my own creation and the perfect meal for one! I used Minute Ready to Serve Brown Rice, which is a perfect easy way to bulk up a dish. I started by sauteeing mushrooms with olive oil, after flipping I added 2 big handfuls of fresh spinach. As the spinach wilts, I added blue cheese so it gets melty and adds a layer of flavor. Finally, I put the rice in a bowl with a little low sodium soy sauce, as well as the mushroom, spinach, blue cheese mixture.

And there are the Hungry Girl Onion Rings as well!

The above recipe was a quick meal for one, and I didn’t use all the mushrooms I had on hand. (which by the way were pre-sliced baby bellas, and my preferred mushrooms for cooking)

I also used the mushrooms for breakfast!

While the picture doesn’t do the breakfast justice….. This is another self created recipe. Its super easy, sauté some mushrooms with olive oil. Mix a few eggs (I usually do 2) in a bowl with a fork. Once the mushrooms are sautéd to your liking, add in the eggs, let them cook, and with a spatula, flip to cook the other side. If you like, add the cheese of your choice to the top (which was already cooked). On this particular morning I didn’t add cheese and served the eggs on top of Great Harvest bread which had a little butter and garlic salt.

I still have about half the container of mushrooms left, does anyone have a recipe they’d like to share? Otherwise I’ll keep going with what I’ve got!


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