Did I really just blog on Tuesday? It feels like that was a week ago! Well after a long day with the boss on Thursday, a Friday filled with studying, tests, and a conference call…It’s time to RELAX! But it seems like the weekend is always too short. Plus, there’s a need for me to find the happy medium between doing absolutely nothing and getting everything done possible so that I don’t have a mess on my hands during the week.

My goals for the weekend are:

1. Get 2 workouts in (most likely Saturday and Sunday afternoon)

2. Learn to use my new camera! (more on that later)

3. Watch the red carpet for the Oscars!

(edited to add: apparently I’ll have to wait one week for Goal 3).

By making goals I find that I’m able to get a few things accomplished and not feel overwhelmed. I used to schedule my weekends down to the hour, and I ended up being exhausted when I should have been relaxed!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Get some sleep, get some stuff done, and have a good time!

P.S. Good Luck to the Aitkin All Starz at State!

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