Dirty Dozen Part 2

As I have been slowly adjusting to the idea of 2012, I suppose it is now time to announce the second half of my 2012 Dirty Dozen New Years Resolutions! If you missed Part 1 you might be missing out.

Without further ado..

7. Finish the New Rules of Lifting For Women program.

8. Remember to be Thankful. It seems like so often we go through the motions of life, thinking about what we want or need, and don’t realize all that we have.

9. Get a better handle on finances. I am lucky to have a stable job and I don’t have a ton of bills. However, someday I’d probably like to buy a car, house, or make other expensive life choices, but without an idea of how to budget I might not be able to.

10. Get least 10 minutes of fitness each day. There is no reason why I can’t dance around my house, or go for a 10 minute walk each day. Absolutely no reason. There should be plenty of reasons to get more than that, but I need that 10 minutes.

11. Do 5 minutes of clean up each day. Just 5 minutes of dishes or organizing laundry can reduce the need to spend all day Saturday cleaning, and less time that can’t be spent with friends or family.

12. Take the time to breathe. As you can see, I love to-do lists, and staying busy. But its also important to just let it go and let it flow. And I’ll admit this is something I do need to work on.

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