Mystery Week

Merry Christmas to all! Its amazing how many Christmas traditions a family has. And also to consider that as people age and things change you may not be able to carry out all of those traditions. As my friends start to get married and have to change their traditions I savor these memories and have been trying to take extra pictures of the family so there is something to look back and remember.

Last year I was one month into my first real job post-college. Which came with one flex holiday, and no option for extra time off over the holidays. I can barely remember how sad it was to leave my parents house full of relatives to drive the 90 minutes to sleep at my apartment and go to work the next day.

This year I made sure to save some holiday time so I would’t have to face that feeling again. However, I didn’t make any plans! I know that tomorrow night (Monday) I will have dinner with my college girlfriends, and Tuesday my mother, brother and I will head home. (We are currently at my mother’s parent’s house). I therefore have Wednesday – Monday with no plans. Other than the rough idea to spend New Years Eve with the boyfriend. And on Monday I have a coffee date at 10 am with another Gustavus graduate to discuss having a Duluth gathering.

I am really looking forward to the blank time. However I’m afraid that I’ll go to bed Monday realizing that I accomplished nothing.  I already deleted my “work” schedule from my phone, and that felt awesome! With that feeling, I’m off to make a list of goals, and see how it can work into a non-pressure schedule.

I hope you all have a great rest of your holiday season, enjoy the time with family, and if you do work, have some fun in the evenings!


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