Looking Forward to….Christmas!

I can’t believe it was prior to Thanksgiving when I did my last post. I had every intention of posting over Thanksgiving and at least doing my first 5k recap. I also had every intention of doing a 5k Turkey Trot. Neither things happened. But I will say that I am looking forward to Christmas, especially since I will be taking 4 vacation days from work, but getting 10 consecutive days off! Now that is my kind of math! I will be making a post or two doing those 10 days. And I hope to start a more structured schedule of postings.

This weekend I will be returning home to go see The Steeles in concert with my mom and brother. We have seen them numerous times throughout my childhood either in the Twin Cities, or more recently in Brainerd. Their music puts me in the Christmas spirit more than any other music, movie, or morsel. However, last weekend I was able to see Bentleyville for the first time. And I was impressed!

Opening Gates at Bentleyville, Please excuse my camera phone picture.

I arrived just before 9 pm, paid the $5 to park my car which was super close to the entrance. Got a free hot chocolate, and walked arm in arm with J while listening to christmas music and pointing out different things that we liked, reminded us of things we have done together, or things from our childhood. There was also marshmallow roasting, and had we gone sooner, a chance to see Santa.

Arriving at 9 pm was perfect for us, because we don’t have children and we didn’t have to dodge a ton of strollers. My assumption is that earlier in the night there are crowds, as the line system to wait to see Santa was very intense! I’m hoping to go again with my brother and if that does happen we will probably have to experience that side of it. But for now, it was the perfect way to start thinking about the Holiday Season and get in the Christmas spirit!

Until next time…. What are some things that you equate to the month of December? Any special movies or television specials you have to see?

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