The Trouble With Food

I got into the idea of blogging through a few different inspirations.

#1 Sparkpeople I’ve been using the website for a few years to help me manage my weight and eating habits. I’ve been able to meet people with similar goals as me and share creative ideas for becoming healthier.

#2 Other Blogs: Specifically Caitlin, while reading her blog I came across Meghann. These two women are amazing, and have shown me what adult life can be. Lastly, I came across Mama Pea who showed me that you can go to law school, and then be a mommy, and be vegan.

Now the trouble with food…

As I try to maintain a healthy weight, I try to cut back on how many calories I consume. However, when I consumer “diet” foods, which use sugar alternatives, I think about how great it would be if I was consuming foods closer to nature. I’m not ready to be a vegan, although I’ve made Mama Pea’s recipeas, and have loved them! I just do not have the stamina and knowledge of a well balanced and vegan diet. However I would like to cut out the artificial crap from my daily consumption.

Hopefully as I continue to learn how to blog, and get a decent camera, I will be able to work on this endeavor.

Do you feel that there are certain things you need to work on with your diet and/or food choices?


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